Tommy Wheless

For Sheriff of Oglethorpe County


Together we can restore leadership, accountability, transparency, integrity, and pride to Oglethorpe County.

Tommy Kline Wheless has lived in Oglethorpe County since he was born in 1965. After graduating from Oglethorpe County High School in 1984, he began working for the Sheriff’s Office. In his almost twenty years of total experience there, he’s answered phones, dispatched officers, assisted with jail, patrolled, and served in traffic enforcement. Since 1985, Tommy co-owns and operates Wheless Grading Co. Inc., where he supervises daily operations, manages employees, bids contracts, and manages the budgets.

If elected Sheriff, Tommy plans on being active in all functions. He plans on being more involved in daily department operations, the school system, and community affairs. He will bring pride, transparency, integrity, and accountability to the office.

Tommy has been married to Carol Wheless for 28 years. They have a daughter, Taylor. He’s been an active member of Lexington Baptist church for 37 years. Tommy’s civic engagements include in Oglethorpe County Rotary Club for 18 years, previously serving as President. He also sits of the board of the Oglethorpe County Chamber of Commerce.

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