Tommy Wheless

For Sheriff of Oglethorpe County

Sid Stephens Endorsement


endorsement photo 2

“I have known Tommy Wheless for many years, but it wasn’t until this election cycle that I truly got to know Tommy well. When you are a candidate in the political arena you see and hear it all, and someone‚Äôs campaign reveals a lot about a person. Over several months I have been on the front row, and personally interacted with each of the remaining candidates and I can assure you that Tommy Wheless is the man we need to elect as the next Sheriff of Oglethorpe County. Tommy has run a very professional, clean campaign and that is a reflection of what we will see with Tommy as Sheriff. His law enforcement and business experience will serve us well, and he will be accountable to all of our citizens. Please join me in casting your vote for Tommy Wheless on July 26th.”

-Sid Stephens-